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The Inland Empire’s
Leading Urologist

In Sexual Health and Robotic Surgery

The Inland Empire’s
Leading Urologist

In Sexual Health and Robotic Surgery

Urologist in Riverside, CA

Dr. Howard Aubert is a leading urologist serving patients throughout the Inland Empire. Providing the latest diagnostic tools, as well as both conventional and minimally-invasive surgeries, he tailors treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs. 

Dr. Aubert takes a professional yet practical approach to make patients feel comfortable discussing the urinary health issues they may have. From younger men with fertility issues to mature aged men with prostate problems and women with incontinence, Dr. Aubert is expert trained and experienced to diagnose and treat a wide range of urological conditions.

Men's Health Specialist

Male Sexual Dysfunction is Common & Treatable

As a leader in the field of men’s health, Dr. Aubert is here to help.

Put an end to Urinary & Pelvic Floor Issues

Dr. Aubert is committed to restoring women’s independence, and quality of life

women's health

Using the Latest in Medical Technology

Offering you the latest in treatment options

Patient Testimonials

Read what others have to say about their experience Dr. Aubert

I’ve been trying for years to find a specialist who understands my condition and to get the proper treatment. After several visits with Dr. Aulbert, I was pleasantly surprised by his medical expertise and knowhow. I finally feel like worrying about my medical needs are behind me and I can now concentrate on working hard and enjoying the human experience.

Andy J

I had a kidney stone surgery so I could have a partial kidney mass removed. Dr. Aubert put my fears to rest and did my first surgery. I can’t wait till it’s all over. I would like to know if a video can be viewed to help me understand what’s ahead. I know Dr. Aubert will tell me and ease my mind like this time.

Lori S.

Dr Aubert is very patient and wants to make sure that you understand treatment or surgery. He demonstrate by drawing diagrams. He is calm and a pleasure to talk to. He always ask if you have any questions or concerns. He takes his time and doesn’t rush. Always greets you with a positive smile, putting you at ease, assuring you that he cares.


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